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Certified & Experienced

Certified & Experienced offering the finest scalp micropigmentation in the industry.

Quality & Consistency

Detail oriented and only offering the highest scalp micropigmentation procedures.

Peace of Mind

We ensure that our clients feel comfortable and understand that they are receiving the highest quality procedure.

our mission

“Our mission at Scalpmasters is to help anyone that suffers from hair loss, a receding hairline, alopecia,scars or is experiencing thinning of the hair. As an individual that has directly suffered from Hair Loss and has undergone Scalp Micropigmentation like myself, I can speak volumes to how it has changed my life. Our goal is to change lives one person at a time. Since opening our first location in Cranston, we have had great success and opened up our new location in East Greenwich located on 650 Main Street. It has been amazing to improve the confidence of so many people. Our goal is to help as many individuals as possible.”

Michael Misurelli, Founder 

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