The Treatment – Step by Step

After learning what Scalp Micropigmentation is, it is important to understand the treatment or procedure itself.

At Scalpmasters, we offer a straight-forward approach to understanding the treatment, preparing you for the treatment and aftercare for your treatment.

Getting Started
We typically start by answering any questions that you may have regarding the procedure. These questions are typically found via our frequently asked questions section, however some individuals have more specific questions related to their particular needs.

We then provide a free no hassle consultation as everyone is different in severity of hair loss.

Provide Recommendations & Costing
We provide recommendations and costing for the treatment.

Schedule your Treatment
We review the pre and mid treatment documents and then schedule your treatment dates.

First Treatment
For the first treatment we recommend a light start to place the foundation. The first treatment typically takes 3-4 hours.

Additional Treatments
Additional treatments are typically required. The number of treatments are discussed and determined during the consultation.

We provide you with aftercare instructions in order to obtain the best results from your treatment.

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