Scalp Micropigmentation

for Scarring

Looking to cover up a scar from surgery or some procedure gone wrong?Scars can happen in the worst places, don’t let in hurt your image.  Relatively new to the Scar Concealment remedies, Scalp micro-pigmentation can be an effective treatment to cover scarring of the head and help you recover your self-confidence.

Scalp micropigmentation for Scar Concealment in RI
SMP works for scarring, burns and birthmarks

how does

Smp work for scarring?

With the amount of failed hair transplants we are seeing in today’s day and age there is no wonder why there is a demand for scar concealment in this growing industry. You can also use SMP to your advantage for other types of scarring as well. We scatter replications over the traumatized area typically 2-4 sessions. The results are phenomenal leaving the client stress free at last.

Our Results: