About Scalpmasters

About Scalpmasters

Our location is conveniently located in Cranston Rhode Island. ScalpMasters of Rhode Island was founded  by Michael Misurelli. The facilities offer state of the art Scalp Micropigmentation. SMP is a hair loss treatment for men that suffer general hair loss, scalp scars or forms of alopecia. SMP is also known as non-surgical scalp grooming or as a “hair tattoo” colloquially speaking.

Scalpmasters understands that each client is unique and provides a free consultation to inform, prepare and determine if Micropigmentation is best for them.

Scalpmasters Hair Loss Clinic

Why Work with Scalpmasters?

Expertise: The founder, Michael Misurelli performs all consultations and all procedures. With over 18 years of experience in the hair industry Michael is certified to perform Micropigmentation

Licensed & Insured: Scalpmasters is properly licensed and insured and maintains all licenses required to perform the procedure.

Scalpmasters Scalp Micropigmentation

Meet The Founder

Scalpmasters Owner- Mike Mis

“I’m Mike Misurelli, the founder of Scalpmasters. I started losing hair and thinning at the age of 25 years old which led to self confidence issues. I was thrilled to learn about Scalp Micropigmentation and was extremely careful about choosing a licensed professional for the treatment. While I was happy with my treatment, I knew there was room for improvement. As a barber with over 18 years of experience, I learned more about the new procedure, extensively researched and received basic and advanced certifications  from the inventors of the technique.

With my experience as a barber working with the scalp, hairlines and skin on a day to day basis, I offer the finest most precise and natural looking Scalp Micropigmentation procedures on the market. Contact me for more information!”